beyond the normal variations that have occurred in the last 8,000 years

Chicken Little was hit on the head with an acorn and ran to the king to warn the country that the sky was falling. Everyone laughed and sent Chicken Little home.

Al Gore noted some hot summers and massive hurricanes and ran to the media to warn us that the world would soon end because we make too much CO2. Sadly, no one laughed and for unknown reasons we all believed him.

The years of massive hurricanes has passed, and there were no significant ones this year (2009), or last summer. If Al Gore was correct, we should have ever worse hurricanes, not none at all. And the world temperatures should be getting warmer, not colder. But in July 2009 I ran my furnance to keep warm rather than running my air conditioner to keep cool. I have never heard of anyone in Southern Ontario being cold in July. There is something wrong with the claim that the world is getting warmer. And re-naming it as "Climate Change" does not take away that climate change should not include global cooling if CO2 is causing the world to get hot.

According to the media and the UN, the last few years are the hottest on record, with each year getting measurably hotter. In February 2021, the average temperatures are much lower than average in all of the northern hemisphere and in Australia. It seems difficult to accept that the planet is getting hotter when all of the land is getting colder.

North America Temperature Anomaly
Feb 2021

Eurasia Temperature Anomaly
Feb 2021

Australia Temperature Anomaly
Feb 2021

There is now a web page with over 30,000 scientists begging the US government to stop the global warming nonsense. Hardly the consensus Al Gore talks about.
Over 30,000 US Scientists deny Global Warming

NASA once said that the ice caps are melting, but recently the ice caps are getting larger. Greenland and Antarctica have more ice today than ten years ago.

Greenland Ice sheet increasing from 1992 to 2003

Arctic sea ice coverage was at a low in 2007. In 2008 it was less than normal but more than 2007, and 2009 summer sea ice extent was more than 2008. If global warming caused the low amount in 2007 then it should have been again less in 2008 and 2009.
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Sea Ice Extent from 2002 to present
The US National Snow and Ice Data Center

Al Gore talks about tree ring data and ice core data showing how much hotter it is today than it was in the past. In reviewing 92 such sets of data, I find no evidence of any heating trends - just the normal ups and downs as has happened many times before. I shall eventually get the data and graphs of these sets of data on this web pages or at least links to them.

Comments on the Hockey Stick Graph of the “Inconvenient Truth” movie.
The famous "hockey stick" graph is not accepted as valid by most scientists. The UN IPCC have removed it from their latest reports. It is said to be bad data, based on inappropriate studies and adjustments, not accounting for tree ring growth also relating to fertilizer, rainfall, sunlight and temperature. Some tress grow faster in cooler weather so larger tree rings can indicate cooler temperatures. One needs to carefully review each set of data. When you study trees growing close to a major city, the pollution from the city effects the growth of the trees as much as the temperature - and usually makes the trees grow more not less as the pollution is a food for many trees. But if you study data from remote areas, then you can get thousands of years of data without any sign of a rapid rise in recent times any different than has happened many times before. Global Warming should effect the whole globe, not just near cities.

Hopefully I can show you in these web pages that there is no global warming. Not that Humans do not cause it, not that CO2 does not cause it. But that the globe is same today as it has been since a few thousand years after the end of the last ice age. A bit more glacier ice melting each year as it has done for 8,000 years, minor hotter and cooler years as they have been for 8,000 years, some bad years, some good ones. There is nothing unusual today in the climate that has not happened many times in the last 8,000 years.

There is no global warming.

The background is a recent photograph from just west of Whitehorse in June. Lots of ice and snow still there.