beyond the normal variations that have occurred in the last 8,000 years

800,000 years of Ice Core temperature data from Antarctica
The data graphed here is from the NOAA web pages

Note that there have been many periods of Ice Ages followed by warm periods. Many of the warm periods previously have been hotter than the present warm period. We are living in a cold inter-glacier time. It could be one to three degrees hotter on average than it has been for the last 10,000 years and still be normal.
Also note that the periods between ice ages are SHORT. We are most likely about to enter into another ice age very soon. Very soon could be next year. Or perhaps a few hundred more years, but most likely within 1,000 years.

Same data - but focused on the last 16,000 years.

Same data - but focused on the last 7,000 years. Note that there were longer and hotter warm periods in 500 - 800 AD, 800 - 1050 BCE, and 1600 - 1900 BCE.
What would be a disaster is if we had long cold periods like in 1400 - 1600, 350 - 700 BCE, or 3500 - 3800 BCE.

The data files ends at 1950. But we have good data for 1950 to the present times and yes, there has been some increases in temperatures during that time, and some decreases now. It's the same as has happened several times during this recent break in the ice ages.