beyond the normal variations that have occurred in the last 8,000 years

Introduction - Why there is no Global Warming

Environment Canada's poor representations
and recent Volcanoes and their effect
on the world's present climate

Canada's Climate from 1940 to present

Tree Ring ancient temperatures:
real data and graphs from
the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration - Satellite and Information Service

Ice Core ancient temperatures

Over 30,000 US Scientists deny Global Warming

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Greenland and Antarctic Ice getting thicker, Arctic Ice increasing, Polar Bear Populations increasing, Himalayan glaciers not shrinking, less hurricanes, colder winters in North America, Europe and Asia for two years than in the last 30 years, generally colder each year for 10 years. Nothing predicted by Global Warming is happening. There is no scientific Consensus. And now ClimateGate shows a lot of data has been fabricated.

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